Fistivus VIII announced – Octofisty!

With the long cold winter months almost behind us Fistball Federation of Australia is happy to announce that Fistivus VIII – Octofisty will be held in Royal Park at 11.00am on Saturday 13th September. This will be the first of our 3 spring Fistivii with the next two planned for October and November. The Westside(…)

Westside Mortal Wombats are Fistivus VII Champions!

The Westside Mortal Wombats have taken home the Peter Norman Trophy, winning a tense 3 set final 9-11, 11-7, 11-7 against newcomers the Bay City Fisters in blustery conditions at Fistivus VII. In what was the most closely contested Fistivus yet, Westside did it the hard way; playing 3 sets in all their matches and(…)

Fistivus VII announced!

The seven deadly fists, also known as the cardinal fists, have been used since early Fistian times to educate and remind Fistballers of humanity’s tendency to be temped by sports that do not involve the use of the fist eg. soccer. In these most heathen times with non-fisters preparing for the soccer world cup there(…)

A big FiFA “thank you” for helping us get to Pakistan!

The Australian National Fistball Team would like to thank every supporter from the bottom of our hearts and fists. Everyone who chipped in donations, purchased our exclusive fistball merchandise, or handed over money at our Australian Team Guernsey Presentation Night was integral to a huge development for fistball in Australia – our first ever international(…)

Australia Takes Home Fourth Place!

Yes that’s right, the Australian national fistball team has finished fourth in the inaugural Asian Fistball Cup! The fact there only were four teams in the tournament does not diminish this historic achievement. After coming out strong and taking the first set against Nepal, the Australian team failed to keep the upper hand and went(…)

Super Mario’s Pakistan Tour Diary

We are happy to announce that Chris “Super Mario” Milne will be providing a diary of his time in the Australian National Team as they head to Pakistan to compete in the Asian Fistball Championships! Each diary entry will be added under this post, and will be topped up with photos when possible… so either(…)

Sportaroo Campaign success!

With a little help from our own team members at the finish line, we have just scraped over our Sportaroo fundraising target! Thank you to everyone who contributed! Everyone involved with the Fistball Federation of Australia truly appreciate your help and support, and we will try our best to do you all proud at our first ever international tournament… in(…)

Fist Club are Fistivus VI Champions!

Fist Club FC have taken out Fistivus VI, taking home the Peter Norman Trophy for the second time and denying The Fistroy Lions in a tight 2 set final! In another day of tightly contested fisting Fist Club FC and The Fistroy Lions had the better of their opposition for most of the day and(…)

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This Saturday 30th August, Fistball Federation Of Australia will be running a fund-raising BBQ at Masters Superstore..

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Beautiful weather in Melbourne today… it must sense that the second half of the F-League year is about to kick off.
Fistivus VIII is in three..

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Here is some footage of a Swiss canine fistballer, training hard for the 2014 Dog’s Fistball World Championships. Speaking of which, we are still..

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Looks like The Fistroy Lions have some international fans! Of course, the Lions are unlikely to win any new ones if they can’t pull themselves..

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Congratulations to Germany for winning the Women’s World Fistball Championships in a tightly fought affair over Austria. The fistball juggernaut..

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