2015 – a year in review

Australians can claim two prestigious honours in fistball – we have the greatest national fistball team in the Oceania region, and we’ll be the first fistballing nation to welcome a brand new year for fistball… as we get ready to usher in 2016!

2016 will mark the start of the 4th year of organised fistball in Australia… and if 2015 is any indication, it should only go from strength to strength once again.

In the past twelve months, the Fistball Federation of Australia has overseen:

  • the successful introduction of a points-based year-long 6-tournament (Fistivus) domestic league (the F-League), complete with a thrilling conclusion to the brand new Roger Willen Shield, presented to the F-League Champions and named after the Swiss fistball equivalent of Santa Claus
  • a new voting system and individual trophy for the Best & Fistest award, handed out at each Fistivus
  • the introduction of a prestigious year-long individual award, named after Austrian fistball savant Klemens ‘Fistols’ Kronsteiner, based on the B&F voting, and to be awarded for the first time early in 2016
  • the signing of 40 player members and 3 supporter members
  • a selection day held to select 10 players for the first ever Australian fistball team to compete in the Fistball World Championships
  • the selection of the first ever Australian Fistball National Coach
  • a wildly successful national team fundraising campaign, highlighted by a whopping $6k raised from the FiFA Trivia & Auction Night
  • a brand new national team mascot (the Fisting Wombat!)
  • the first ever entry of an Australian team into the Fistball World Championships, finishing 13th out of 14 teams!
  • the first ever international win by the Australian National Fistball team (against our friends from the Fistball Association of South Africa)
  • the introduction of fistball in Queensland and New South Wales, thanks to some keen folks in those two states.
  • many many new fistball friends, all across the world!

A huge thanks to Thunder Road Brewing Company for their crucial continued support, Iron Oak Illustration – Michael Alesich for the Fisting Wombat and of course a massive thanks to the IFA – International Fistball Association and our international fistball friends for the continued support to help us grow the sport here and improve the quality of our play. Thanks as well to all the international visitors that have joined in, helped us learn, assisted in national team selection, run our training sessions and occasionally won our medals; Maxi Vogel, Luisa Neu, Moritz Kiefer, Lucas Traverso, Lucas Perreria, Lukas Klinger and Tobi Kläner (apologies if we’ve forgotten anyone in that list).

As for 2016, look out for much of the same (second year of the F-League, renewal of memberships, beers at Fistivus), some significant changes and additions (TBA!), and possibly even some surprises. But for now, as the Godfister noted in his Christmas address; simply get ready for a training session from German fistballer Lina Schmidt in late January, a membership drive on the same day, the first ever Klemens Kronsteiner Medal Night (which is promising to be an unmissable yearly event) in February, and the kick off of the F-League once again, soon after. Can The Fist & The Furious go back-to-back? We’ll find out.

Happy New Year everyone, and we wish everyone a fantastic 2016. As far as we’re concerned, your only New Years resolution should be to ‘fist on!’.

Fist on!