2015 Memberships now available!

In preparation for both the relaunched F-League and Men’s World Fistball Championships next year, we have officially launched our 2015 Memberships! We will be asking all fistballers playing next year to fill out a membership form and pay the small membership fee ($20), and this will be used to pay some of our 2015 costs.

Not playing, but want to support us? Well we have Supporter Memberships available too!

Please go to the Membership page (http://fistball.com.au/membership) for more information and the necessary details.

Our first membership was processed yesterday, with Bay City Fisters superstar Carl Creasey signing up for 2015! As a result, he has won a free deluxe fist massage, to be performed by the Godfister himself.

Fist on in 2015!