2015 VFL Champions The Fist & The Furious commit to Club World Cup in South Africa

Fresh off announcing the formation of our inaugural women’s national fistball team, we can now also formally announce that we will be sending a VFL club to an international club tournament for the first time in Australian fistball history! 2015 VFL champions The Fist & The Furious have accepted their invitation as Australian club champion to participate in the World Cup, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa in October this year.

Team captain, 2015 Klemens Kronsteiner Medal winner, and coincidentally Cape Town-born Jason Beelders will be leading his green machine into battle against TSV Pfungstadt Faustball (European Champions), Mercês Punhobol (South American Champions), a yet-to-be-determined South African club champion, and hopefully others from the US and Asia.

IFA Press Release can be found here: http://www.ifa-fistball.com/press-release-ifa-2016-fistball-mens-world-cup-cape-town/

Exciting times for fistball in Australia…

Fist on!