An update on the inaugural Australian national women’s team

It’s just over 2 months out from the Women’s World Fistball Championships, and the first ever Aussie women’s national fistball team is right in the thick of their training.

With the addition of a Head Coach – experienced German fistballer Helene, aka ‘Hellfist’ – the nicknamed Possums are now training twice a week and rapidly improving their skills. By the time late October rolls around, they’ll be ready to throw their best fist forward on the international stage!

Details on the World Championships have been delayed due to an economically-enforced location change from Pomerode, Brazil, but the organisational committee, in conjunction with the IFA, have finally been able to release the first bulletin on the event; now to be held in Curitiba, Brazil. Those details can be found here, while the official website for the event can be found here.

To follow the Possums’ progress on Instagram, check out their official Instagram page here.

Fist on!