Carl ‘Carlossus’ Creasey claims the 2017 KK Medal

Carl ‘Carlossus’ Creasey of the Bay City Fisters has capped off a great 2017 VFL season by claiming the highest individual honour in Australian fistball – the Klemens ‘Fistols’ Kronsteiner Medal.

After claiming the highest number of votes at the first 3 Fistivi of the year (including maximum points at Fistivus XXIV), he raced away from the pack to a seemingly egregious lead at the halfway point, a lead that would prove insurmountable, as he only added to it in the second half of the season to win with a convincing 11 vote lead over South Melbourne’s Lee Morony. The two big men would amazingly claim over 25% of the total votes from the season, ensuring that the latest KK Medal Night would break from previous results to hand the honour to an attacker.

Rick ‘Sheersy’ Sheers of FistStorm claimed the inaugural Alwin Oberkersch Medal in the Mixed Division, rewarded for a consistent season in a tight race over Malcolm Donnellon of the Westside Wombats and Brent Lehmann of the Bay City Fisters.

Rod Matthews (MVP) and Jason Beelders (Best Teammate) would claim the national team honours for the men’s team, while Clare Woodhouse (MVP) and Jess Lyon (Best Teammate) claimed them for the women’s.

Full winners below.

Klemens ‘Fistols’ Kronsteiner Medal: Carl Creasey (Bay City Fisters)
Alwin Oberkersch Medal: Rick Sheers (FistStorm)
VFL Men’s Rookie of the Year: Ben Hughes (Mutt Fisters)
VFL Men’s Most Improved Player: Michael Alesich (South Melbourne)
VFL Mixed Rookie of the Year: Brooke McKay (Bay City Fisters)
VFL Mixed Most Improved Player: Erin Donnellon (Westside Wombats)
Men’s National Team Most Valuable Player: Rod Matthews
Men’s National Team Best Teammate: Jason Beelders
Women’s National Team Most Valuable Player: Clare Woodhouse
Women’s National Team Best Teammate: Jessie Lyon
President’s Award: Jessie Lyon
All-VFL Men’s First Team: Carl Creasey (Bay City Fisters), Lee Morony (South Melbourne), Bryce Griesheimer (Fist Club), Rod Matthews (Fist Club), Jason Beelders (South Melbourne)
All-VFL Mixed First Team: Rick Sheers (FistStorm), Malcolm Donnellon (Westside Wombats), Brent Lehmann (Bay City Fisters), Brooke McKay (Bay City Fisters), Alex Sinclair (FistStorm)

Fist on!