First Fistivus of 2017 announced

Come gather around people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
And if your breath to you is worth saving
Then you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’

Fistball is back for the start of the 2017 Victorian Fistball League Season, and it’s going to be the biggest and best season yet!
As Bob Dylan so eloquently put it in 1964, the times they are a-changin’, here in 2017 times are a-changin’ as well. For the first time in VFL history the teams will be split into two divisions, with both a men’s and a mixed competition being run throughout the season.

This is a big change for the VFL and an important stepping stone in our eventual mission to establish a seperate women’s competition in the future. It will also enable us to play longer and more competitive matches which has been a common theme in player feedback.

Team captains will be contacted in the coming days to register their team for the upcoming season and nominate which division of the competition they will be entering.

The season will kick off on Saturday, 18th March at 11am and will be hosted by reigning premiers Fist Club FC at a venue to be announced in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming season and we look forward to seeing you all at Fistivus XXIII.

Full event details here: