Fist Club are Fistivus VI Champions!

Fist Club FC have taken out Fistivus VI, taking home the Peter Norman Trophy for the second time and denying The Fistroy Lions in a tight 2 set final!

In another day of tightly contested fisting Fist Club FC and The Fistroy Lions had the better of their opposition for most of the day and met in the final for the third time in Fistivus history with Fist Club taking the chocolates for the second time in their three meetings.

Without their fearless leader Rolf ‘The Godfister’ Petersen┬áDas Fist FC’s play actually improved significantly, and they came very close to not taking home the Lanterne Rouge for a sixth consecutive time. One cannot help but wonder what they might be capable of if he was away more often (although his helicopter fly-by was pretty bloody awesome!).

Updated results & rankings to come shortly.