Fist Club & FistStorm take top trophies again in Fistivus XXIV

Congratulations to Fist Club and FistStorm, with both teams defending their Fistivus XXIII respective trophy wins in Fistivus XXIV!

Once again, Fist Club took the chocolates on points percentage (this time from Bay City Fisters and Mutt Fisters) after all three teams finished on 3 wins and 1 loss for the day.

FistStorm on the other hand were the clear champions on the day in their division, winning all three of their matchups to take home the brand new & very shiny Kerryn McCann Trophy.

Mutt Fisters captain Jason Hughes took home the first award for the relative VFL newcomers, winning the Best & Fistest for the Men’s Division, while Westside Wombats Fistball Club veteran Malcolm Donnellon claimed the same award for the Mixed Division.

It remains very tight up the top of the Men’s Division standings, with a rejuvenated Bay City squad just off the pace set by Fist Club, while South Melbourne Fistball Club and Mutt Fisters are not far behind, breathing down their neck. Despite many strong performances across the two tournaments, the Fistroy Lions will have to wait a bit longer for their first win while they continue to languish down the bottom of the ladder.

In the Mixed Division, FistStorm have used their 2 KMT-winning performances to build a strong lead in the standings over the Bay City Fisters mixed team, with Das Fist FC and Westside Wombats just behind them.

Fistivus XXV will be on May 20th, with FistStorm set to host the tournament. Details will be released in due time.

Fist on!

Standings after F24