Fist Club go back-to-back in Fistivus XII!

Fist Club are back-to-back Fistivus champions, once again downing the Fistroy Lions in a thrilling three set final to take home the PNT. In what is being dubbed as possibly the most exciting Fistivus final ever played, all three sets went down to the wire, including 15 point tiebreakers in both the second and final sets. Both teams seemed to have secured the upper hand at varying times but ultimately a masterful sliding serve from Fist Club captain Bryce put an end to proceedings.

Bay City Fisters ‘power server’ Carl Creasey took home the Best & Fistest Trophy. Sorely missed from the previous two tournaments due to non-fistball commitments, he impressed immediately with his powerful serves and composure under pressure to be a worthy winner of the giant wooden fist.

The Lanterne Rouge was awarded to Das Fist FC on the day, however upon review of the scores after the tournament the ‘award’ has been repealed from Das Fist and instead handed to Westside Wombats for their subpar effort. The captain of Das Fist – Rolf ‘The Godfister’ Petersen is said to be delighted!

At the halfway point of the season The Fistroy Lions are clinging to a 3 point championship lead over back-to-back PNT champions Fist Club, and will have a battle on their hands to retain it. The Fist & The Furious remain in third place after another solid outing , while Das Fist FC, Westside Wombats and Bay City Fisters continue to battle it out at the bottom of the table.

Current Standings 9 May 15