Fistivus II – Lions make Fistory again!

Cementing their place as the dominant power in Australian Fistball, the Fistroy Lions have again retained the Peter Norman Trophy at Selwyn Park. A huge thanks out to Roger Willen, the IFA and all the Swiss supporters who helped supply us with genuine Fistball equipment which everyone was extremely happy to get their fists on. We continue to be amazed by the support we get from Fistballers around the world and look forward to hitting the international arena and meeting our brothers and sisters in fist!

For the second major Fistivus event, Melbourne turned on a cracking Autumns day and a great turnout witnessed some quality fisting all round. The day was not without its dramas and new comers Fistory in the Making entered the Australian competition with all fists firing and made Fistroy fight for their title defence. Das Fist, the Melbourne Demons of the Fistball Federation, caused the biggest upset of the day by downing Fistroy in straight sets. Das Fist team captain and FiFA President Rolf Petersen stated that this just goes to show what Das Fist are capable of when they get their controversial rotational policy and Buckfast consumption right, however further work with their sports science department will be required before Das Fist can deliver consistent results.  The Wombats again delivered a strong performance but were relegated to third place by the young upstarts from Fistory in the Making. Gorillas Fisting in the Mist have now been bumped to the bottom of the FiFA ladder after a non-appearance at fistivus II. Team captain Turtleman Seivenpiper threatened to appeal the FiFA committee against this decision but failed to turn up at the committee hearing due to a sudden bout of dysentery. Punished by God? You decide. Stay tuned for further updates, Merchandise and exciting developments coming up with FiFA!!!!