Fistivus turns 20, as Geelong set to host the milestone tournament

After the first, hastily-thrown-together Fistivus on 17 March 2013, even the most optimistic of new fistball supporter in Australia must’ve doubted that this new sport could ever become a reliable institution in Melbourne. But here we are, still enthusiastically fisting over 3 years later, and about to notch up our 20th Fistivus tournament! A glorious milestone, and one that all Aussie fisters should be well and truly proud of.

As for the 2016 VFL Season, this tournament represents a defining point in the battle for the Roger Willen Shield – with 4 tournaments down in a 7 tournament season, Fistivus XX will mark the moment we are officially in the home stretch of the season, with time running out for your favourite VFL club to make a run at glory.

Fistivus XX will be held at the home ground of the Bay City Fisters, marking the second Fistivus to be played down the highway in Geelong. Holding onto a slim 3 point lead from the rebranded South Melbourne Green Demons (The Fist & The Furious), they will be hoping to extend that lead with their home ground advantage. Filling out the top 3, reigning PNT champions Fist Club have moved into striking distance, and will be looking for another PNT to put themselves right in the thick of the championship run.

Well and truly setting up shop as the “middle ground” team of the competition, the Fistroy Lions may now be out of the running for the RW Shield, but will be clinging to the much-loved motto of the Richmond Football Club – “Still Mathematically Possible”. The bottom three clubs -Westside Wombats, Das Fist FC & FistStorm – will be hoping for a change in form to get themselves back into top 4 conversation.

Will we see the Sydney Fistball Club at Fistivus XX? We’ll find out in due time.

Fistivus XX will begin with a fundraising BBQ (for the women’s national team) at midday, before fisting off shortly after. The location for the Fistivus – Osborne Park – is right next to the North Geelong Station, making travel there and back for Melburnians easy and convenient.

Fist on!