Fistivus XXV announced

We did it!

Can you believe they didn’t think it would last? “Just a sporting fling,” they said. “I give them maybe 5 Fistivi before they get bored of each other,” some proclaimed. “I bet FiFA’s wandering eye will looking for a newer, more obscure sport in no time,” others sneered.

But here we are, a glorious 25 tournaments later, and almost five years since the Fistball Federation of Australia swiped right and decided to go steady with the beautiful sport of fistball.

Like any good relationship, we’ve had our ups and our downs… but here we are, stronger than ever, getting ready to celebrate our 25th Fistivusary with our fistiest friends and family.

So, who will raise the Peter Norman and the Kerryn McCann Trophies to toast this union with beer-filled silverware? Can Fist Club and FistStorm go back-to-back-to-back to start the year? Can the other clubs upset the apple cart and stop their early 2017 dominance? Will we run out of beer before the trophy presentation again? Could this unholiest of matrimonies survive another catastrophic event like that? Unlikely.

FistStorm will have Fistivus hosting duties for the first time in their short existance, so it will be in their neck of the woods – Elwood. The tournament is expected to fist off at 11 again, but more fixture details will emerge in the lead up. Gifts will not be required.

Fist on!