Fistivus XXVII announced

Saddle up Fisters, as the finest fistslingers in Australia will be heading West once again!

After the success of Fistivus XXVI at Hanmer Reserve in Yarraville, we thought we’d try for a little bit of continuity for a change – we will once again grace the food truck-adjacent field of Hanmer Reserve, fisting off at 12.30pm after we once again scare the Auskick kids off the oval.

With four Fistivi down and only three to go, we are officially in the home stretch. Both Fist Club and FistStorm are well and truly in the box seat of their respective divisions, with both clubs holding 13 point leads over their nearest challenger in the VFL standings, seemingly only a significant collapse (or a division-wide uprising) standing in their way as they march towards the championship.

In fact, Fist Club will be eager to set a new record, as they push to claim an unthinkable “five-peat” of consecutive Peter Norman Trophies, while the four other clubs desperately trying to stop them in their tracks.

Das Fist FC will play the role of hosts for Fistivus XXVII, but does that mean they’re actually androids? Will they submissively cater to the other clubs, allowing them to take advantage of the Das Fisters without fear of repercussion? Or will sentience take over as they lead a bloody uprising against their unsuspecting fistball foes? Of course, we won’t know for sure until the shocking twists start to unfold while we fist our way towards an explosive conclusion. Either way, be prepared for lots of unexpected reveals, subtle foreboding, ravenous food truck burger consumption, and damn fine fistballing.

Fist on!

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