Gearing up for Octoberfist!

The tournament bannerettes have arrived, as the Fistball Federation of Australia gears up for arguably the biggest month in Aussie fistball history!

With the South Melbourne Green Demons heading to the club World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa for next weekend’s tournament (Oct 14-15) and the Australian National Women’s Fistball Team (aka The Possums) putting themselves through their final training sessions for the Women’s Fistball World Championships in Brazil at the end of the month (Oct 25-30), it is shaping up to be a huge month for Aussie fistball. A month of ‘Octoberfist’, if you will.

While both teams are realistic about their chances against the world’s best on the big stage, participation in both tournaments is a great step forward in the progress of Australian fistball, and an invaluable opportunity to not only learn from the best players in the world, but to also weave themselves into the international fistball family.

For updates on how each team is performing on the big stage as it happens, keep a lazy eye on the Fistball Federation of Australia Facebook page.

Fist on!