Green Demons & Wombats claim maiden trophies for 2017 at Fistivus XXVII

Those hoping for a shake-up of the 2017 competition at Fistivus XXVII will be mostly delighted at the outcome, with both divisional leaders have tough days at the office, albeit one leader falling further from grace than the other.

Congratulations to South Melbourne Fistball Club and Westside Wombats Fistball Club on their respective PNT & KMT victories!

After completing the historic four-peat at Fistivus XXVI, Men’s Division leaders Fist Club were forced to battle with just 4 players early in the day, dropping their first match against arch-rivals South Melbourne (aka The Dimmies) in straight sets. After an early scare against cellar dwellers Fistroy Lions, they pulled away for their first victory of the day, and followed it up with a tough fought victory against a strong Bay City Fisters outfit to salvage valuable points for the day.

On the other hand, Mixed League leaders FistStorm returned to their form of old, struggling against all opposition to finish the day without a win, a costly outcome that has done damage to their once cosy-lead. Thankfully the Stormers, they have 2 more Fistivi to re-find their form and hold their lead.

Noticeably improved in recent Fistivi, South Melbourne Fistball Clubfinally made a statement at Fistivus XXVII, keen to point out that the battle for the Roger Willen Shield is not yet decided, and ensuring that Fist Club would not continue their PNT monopoly for 2017. Their enigmatic attacker Lee “The Power Station” Morony was rewarded for his fine form on the day, sharing the Best & Fistest Trophy for the Men’s Division with Chris “Super Mario” Milne of the Fistroy Lions. Super Mario’s shared win putting some shine on what was otherwise another relatively dirty day for the proud club. The Bay City Fisters’ men’s team were able to rack up a win against the aforementioned team to pull away from the dormant Mutt Fisters on the standings, who were unfortunately absent at Fistivus XXVII.

The Wombats trophy victory was on the back of a strong performance from their captain, and Mixed Division Best & Fistest winner, Malcolm “Mr Fister” Donnellon, clearly determined to lift the previously last-placed club up the standings. With FistStorm struggling, and both Bay City Fisters and Das Fist FC also sharing in the spoils, the Wombats have done just that – jumping up into 2nd position amongst a very tight tussle between all 4 clubs. As well as shaking up the competition, the Wombats victory ensured that every team in the Mixed Division has now held the KMT during the year, summing up just how even this season has been in the Mixed Division.

Updated standings below.

The next Fistivus will be September 2nd, will just 2 tournaments remaining for the 2017 VFL season.

Fist on!

Standings after F27