Hybrid “Das Fistroy” team take Fistivus XVII

And the Godfister has claimed his first ever PNT!

As co-captain of the hybrid Das Fist FC/Fistroy Lions team (Das Fistroy), the President of FiFA has experienced the joy of a Fistivus victory on the 17th try, with Das Fist German powerhouse Lukas Klinger dominating all day to take home the Best & Fistest Trophy, in his likely final Fistivus appearance.

The Fist & The Furious were valiant in defeat, making it to the final with only 4 players before being ultimately overpowered at the final hurdle.

Fist Club and defending PNT winner Bay City finished 3rd and 4th respectively, after losing their semi final matchups.

Also of note, the rebranded FistStorm (formerly Fist Connection UK) celebrated their first tournament victory, outplaying the Westside Wombats in the group stage, and effectively forcing the Wombats to accept the Lanterne Rouge.

Fistivus XVIII will be held on May 7th, somewhere in the west (hosted by the Wombats)…

Fist on!