Local Competitions

 The Victorian Fistball League (VFL) is the national fistball league of Australia, operating out of Melbourne, Victoria.

Current Teams

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Former Teams
Fistory In The Making (2013 – 2014)
Gorillas Fisting In The Mist (2013)

VFL Honour Roll

SeasonRoger Willen ShieldKlemens Kronsteiner MedalRookie Of The YearMost Improved Player
2016Fist ClubChris Milne, FLRod Matthews, FCMat Selleck, FL
2015The Fist & The FuriousJason Beelders, F&FCarney Kucharski, FCPeter Earl, BCF

Fistivus Honour Roll

SeasonTournamentDateChampionsRunners UpLanterne RougeBest & Fistest
2016Fistivus XXII19 November, 2016South Melbourne Green DemonsFist ClubFistStormLee Morony, SMGD
2016Fistivus XXI17 September, 2016Fist ClubSouth Melbourne Green DemonsWestside WombatsLindsey Lehmann, BCF
2016Fistivus XX6 August, 2016Fist ClubFistroy LionsDas FistLee Morony, SMGD
2016Fistivus XIX2 July, 2016Fist ClubSouth Melbourne Green DemonsFistStormBrent Lehmann, BCF
2016Fistivus XVIII7 May, 2016Bay City FistersThe Fist & The FuriousWestside WombatsChris Milne, FL
2016Fistivus XVII2 April, 2016Das Fistroy (DF/FL combined team)The Fist & The FuriousWestside WombatsLukas Klinger, DF
2016Fistivus XVI17 February, 2016Bay City FistersFistroy LionsFist ConnectionCarl Creasey, BCF
2015Fistivus XV8 November, 2015The Fist & The FuriousFist ClubFistroy LionsJason Beelders, F&F
2015Fistivus XIV10 October, 2015Westside WombatsThe Fist & The FuriousBay City FistersTobi Kläner, WW
2015Fistivus XIII1 August, 2015Fist ClubThe Fist & The FuriousWestside WombatsBryce Griesheimer, FC
2015Fistivus XII9 May, 2015Fist ClubFistroy LionsWestside WombatsCarl Creasey, BCF
2015Fistivus XI28 March, 2015Fist ClubFistroy LionsDas FistLucas Traverso, F&F
2015Fistivus X28 February, 2015Fistroy LionsThe Fist & The FuriousFist ClubJason Beelders, F&F and Maxi Vogel, DF
2014Fistivus IX16 November, 2014Bay City FistersWestside WombatsFistroy LionsMalcolm Donnellon, WW
2014Fistivus VIII13 September, 2014Superfist (FL/F&F combined team)Bay City FistersWestside WombatsRyan Sealey, BCF
2014Fistivus VII25 May, 2014Westside Mortal WombatsBay City FistersDas FistSam Noonan, BCF
2014Fistivus VI1 March, 2014Fist ClubFistroy LionsDas FistJames Thurlow, FC
2014Fistivus V19 January, 2014Fistroy LionsFist ClubDas FistChris Milne, FL
2013Fistivus IV16 November, 2013Fistroy LionsThe Fist & The FuriousDas FistLachy King, WMW
2013Fistivus III14 September, 2013Schindler's FistFistroy LionsDas FistJason Beelders, F&F
2013Fistivus II11 May, 2013Fistroy LionsFistory In The MakingDas FistKelvin Round, FITM
2013Fistivus I17 March, 2013Fistroy LionsWestside Mortal WombatsDas FistAndrew Gold, FL

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