Men’s National Team extended squad finalised for 2018 Trans-Tasman Fistball Championships

With the deadline for National Team nomination expiring at Sunday’s initial training session, we can now officially name the extended Men’s National Team squad for the 2018 Trans-Tasman Fistball Championships.

And what a squad it is!

A whopping 20-man squad – the largest extended squad we’ve ever worked with – will be training over the next 2 months, hoping to make it into the final 10-man rotation for the battle against the Fistferns in January, 2018. Nine fresh faces have thrown their fists into the ring, joining 11 experienced National Team players to make up the unit, with 7 of the 8 clubs putting forward at least 1 player for consideration. The final team selection will be completed in October.

The full extended squad is as follows:

  • Carl Creasey (Bay City Fisters)
  • Nathan Dixon (Bay City Fisters)*
  • Derek Dobson (Bay City Fisters)
  • Brent Lehmann (Bay City Fisters)
  • Bryce Griesheimer (Fist Club)
  • Rod Matthews (Fist Club)
  • Chris Milne (Fistroy Lions)
  • Jon Yaw (Fistroy Lions)*
  • Rick Sheers (FistStorm)*
  • Paul Trask (FistStorm)*
  • Jason Hughes (Mutt Fisters)*
  • Ben Hughes (Mutt Fisters)*
  • Jon Morley (Mutt Fisters)*
  • Matt Richards (Mutt Fisters)*
  • Michael Alesich (South Melbourne Green Demons)*
  • Jason Beelders (South Melbourne Green Demons)
  • Jason Denholm (South Melbourne Green Demons)
  • Lee Morony (South Melbourne Green Demons)
  • Paolo Nicolas (South Melbourne Green Demons)
  • Malcolm Donnellon (Westside Wombats)

(*new nomination)

Nominations for the Women’s National Team will remain open for slightly longer due to multiple unavailabilities for the initial Sunday training, but we hope to name the full squad in the coming weeks.

Good luck to all the nominees, and fist on!