Men’s National Team

Australian Men's National Fistball Players

16Rolf Petersen2014 - 201525Das Fist
27Richard Williams2014 - 2015210Das Fist
33James Atkinson201413Fistroy Lions
444/11Eric Maddocks2014 - 2017314Fistroy Lions
521/20/4Chris Milne2014 - 2019633Fistroy Lions/LionStorm FC
62Lee Morony2014 - 2019633South Melbourne Green Demons
715Malcolm Donnellon2015 - 2019318Westside Wombats
85Carl Creasey2015 - 2018214Bay City Fisters
99Brent Lehmann2015 - 2019321Bay City Fisters
1017Laurence Young201511Westside Wombats
1116Jason Beelders2015 - 2018317South Melbourne Green Demons
124Jason Denholm2015 - 2019320South Melbourne Green Demons
1314Peter Earl2017 - 201925Bay City Fisters
148/1Bryce Griesheimer2015 - 2019425Fist Club
157Paolo Nicolas2017 - 2019421South Melbourne Green Demons
1610Derek Dobson2017 - 2019421Bay City Fisters
173Rod Matthews2017 - 2018313Fist Club
186Jason Hughes2018210The Mutts FC
1918Ben Hughes2018210The Mutts FC
2011Nathan Dixon201815Bay City Fisters
218Jonathan Yaw2018 - 2019213LionStorm FC
2222Stuart McLay201912Bay City Fisters
2388Samasoni Leautuli201912Westside Wombats
2436Aaron Bandy201912Bay City Fisters
2517Matt McGrath201918Fist Club

Legend: “Fist” – order of representation, “Uni” – number worn in competition, “Tmts” – total number of representative tournaments played, “Caps” – total number of matches played across tournaments

Australian Men's National Fistball Team Results

DatesTournamentLocationResultWinsLossesChampionRunners Up
April 10-11, 20141st Asian Fistball ChampionshipsLahore, Pakistan4th (of 4 teams) 03PakistanIndia
November 14-22, 201514th Men's World Fistball ChampionshipsCórdoba, Argentina13th (of 14 teams)36GermanySwitzerland
February 4-5, 20171st Trans-Tasman Fistball ChampionshipsGeelong, Australia1st (of 2 teams)21AustraliaNew Zealand
January 27-28, 20182nd Trans-Tasman Fistball ChampionshipsChristchurch, New Zealand1st (of 2 teams)41AustraliaNew Zealand
November 22-24, 20182nd Asia-Pacific Fistball ChampionshipsMelbourne, Australia2nd (of 4 teams)32New ZealandAustralia
May 25-26, 20191st Oceania Fistball ChampionshipsChristchurch, New Zealand3rd (of 4 teams)11New ZealandSamoa
August 11-18, 201915th Men's World Fistball ChampionshipsWinterthur, Switzerland16th (of 18 teams)26GermanyAustria

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