New Board Members

We would like to welcome two new Fistball Federation of Australia Board Members into the fold, after Brent ‘Jellyfist’ Lehmann and Jason ‘Butchers’ Beelders were unanimously voted in as new members at the yearly FiFA AGM (yes, we have those) on Monday evening.

Brent will be taking on the role of Treasurer, relieving Chris ‘Super Mario’ Milne of those duties so that he can focus solely on his role as Secretary (e.g. getting coffees, picking up dry cleaning for the Godfister etc). His extensive accounting experience will prove invaluable in determining where the hell all the money went*.

Jason will be taking on the role of general board member until his role is more clearly defined, assisting the current board with general duties for now. As an long-time engineer, he knows how to make things work smoothly… although this might be his greatest test yet*.

These two will join long-time board members President Rolf ‘Godfister’ Petersen, Vice-President Malcolm ‘Mr Fister’ Donnellon and Secretary Chris ‘Super Mario’ Milne, and will be critical in helping to spread the load of the ever-growing number of FiFA duties and help to prepare for continued growth. Both are captains of their respective clubs, and both are National Team representatives, so their passion for fistball is unquestionable.

Fist on, fellas.

*these are jokes, it ain’t that bad…