South Melbourne FC take Bronze Medal at 2016 World Cup

The South Melbourne Fistball Club have completed a sweep of their South African rivals The Archbishops of Banterbury at the 2016 World Cup in Cape Town, winning the best-of-7 set bronze medal playoff in a 4:0 sweep (11:05, 11:05, 11:09, 11:09).

After edging past the Archbishops in a come-from-behind 3:2 thriller during their round robin matchup, the Green Demons made some slight adjustments to their game plan for the final battle, taking control of outcome on their way to victory.

This completes a historic participation for the Australian fistball outfit, becoming the first ever Australian fistball club to compete in an international fistball club tournament. The bronze medal was a deserved outcome, and made all the more sweeter by confirming continued Australian fistball dominance over it’s arch rival the Fistball Association of South Africa.

German powerhouse TSV Pfungstadt defeated Club Mercês from Brazil in a dominant 4:0 display (12:10, 11:06, 11:04, 11:09) to capture the World Cup trophy once again and take home gold.

Next up – the Women’s World Championships on the 25th-30th of October in Brazil!