Sportaroo Fundraising Campaign Kicks Off!

As you may all know, Australia has been invited throw their fists around at the Asian Championships in April this year. However, as we are an amateur sport with no financial support from our government, any humble fister wishing to represent the land of Oz in international competition needs to meet all of the costs of that honour out of their own pocket.

Hence, we have now launched a fundraising campaign through Sportaroo!

Please watch the informative video below (which may still snag a few Academy Award nominations), and then go to our Sportaroo site (also see link below) to peruse our offerings! For those with a keen sense of style, we have a wide selection of FiFA clothing on offer, not to mention a calendar of fists and a great beer membership offer from our friends at Thunder Road Brewing Company!

Also, if you are aware of any company or business that would be interested in being the very first sponsor of the Australia National Fistball Team (for the history books!), please pass on the link to them to show them our bargain sponsorship offerings!

Please like and share so we can get this thing going viral!

Fist on!