The cream once again rises to the top at Fistivus XXXIII

Another Fistivus down and some familiar results, with the barnstorming undefeated Westside Wombats Fistball Club​ claiming the KMT in the Mixed Division and VFL juggernaut Fist Club​ taking the PNT back from the absent Mutts FC outfit in the Men’s Division.

With the Mixed Division teams playing best-of-five set matches in the absence of Das Fist FC​, the Wombats showed their class and experience to overcome strong challenges from the Bay City Fisters​ and LionStorm Fistball Club​, while Bay City made short work of a tired LionStorm over straight sets in the final Mixed League match of the day to claim the only other win.

Fist Club didn’t have it easy in the Men’s Division either, fighting through two close battles over South Melbourne Fistball Club​ and Bay City Fisters, both of who were competing strongly even without their respective Klemens Kronsteiner Medallists. The battle for the PNT came in the final match against a vastly improved LionStorm Thundercats, who had dispatched of South Melbourne and Bay City in very similar fashion to Fist Club and were dreaming of their first ever PNT as the newly-merged club. But it was not to be, as Fist Club showed their resilience and forced the Thundercats into previously uncharacteristic errors, overpowering them in straight sets for their second PNT for the year.

Jess ‘Lyonheart’ Lyon of the Westside Wombats and Michael ‘Miguel’ Neal of Fist Club took home the respective B&F trophies as reward for their strong performances.

Special shout out to Mutts FC captain Jason ‘Hairy Fist’ Hughes for fulfilling his Fistivus hosting duties despite the rest of his team forfeiting their attendance! That there is an example of true Australian fistball spirit…

And so we head off on our ‘winter break’, reconvening for the second running of the Australian Fistball Championships on August 11th as part of the IFA Fistball World Tour​, before the VFL season kicks back into gear in September.

Fist on!

Standings after F33