For those that have not been hiding under a rock in 2014, you  will know that the Australian National Fistball Team is about to embark on their very first international tour, in order to partake in the inaugural Asian Fistball Championships in Lahore, Pakistan. And as with all sporting tours, you may also know the old saying  – “what happens on tour, stays on tour… until one of the protagonists can access wifi, after which the full details of said happenings will be published in various online locations for the world to read, absorb and reflect upon”. Or something to that effect, anyway.

In this case, the protagonist will be Chris Milne – enthusiastic defender/setter on the inaugural Australian National Fistball Team, and one who is affectionately referred to within fistball circles as “Super Mario”, due to his early career tendency to punch the fistball directly upwards into the sky… not unlike a certain fictional Italian plumber, extracting coins from an elevated brick row in a horizontal 8 bit world. A vivid yet admittedly unnecessary description.

So, in order to give a true insight into the “ins and outs” of an international fistballer descending upon the world fistball stage for the first time, Super Mario will be finding time on the tour, as often as he can, in order to update the fistball-loving public – both Australian and abroad – on the highs and lows of representing your country in a sport you started playing less than 18 months ago. We can guarantee* that his stories of an Australian fistball journey into the complete unknown will make you laugh and they will make you cry, possibly even at the same time. You’ll clap your hands with unbridled joy as he describes each honourable tournament loss, and you’ll shudder with uncontrollable terror as he discusses his stomach problems in unnecessarily vivid detail. You may even sneeze. One thing is for certain – it will be a fistball diary for the ages, and one for all the family (ages 8 and above).

Each diary entry will be added under this post, and will be topped up with photos when possible… so either come back here daily to check for new updates, or follow the links when they are posted on Facebook on the FiFA Facebook page.

Also, if you have any questions, comments, or wish to send the Australian team a message of support, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or leave a message on Facebook.

Fist on!

*we cannot truly guarantee such outlandish claims

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