Women’s Fistball WCs Wrap Up – Day 3

With day 2 of fistballing action for the Aussies (and day 3 of the tournament) done and dusted, the Possums returned to their hotel, well pleased with the day’s improved efforts.

Rocking the classic green & gold jerseys this day, they kicked off their 4th match of the tournament against pre-tournament training buddies Argentina. Unlike the day before however, the Possums came out of the blocks firing, pushing the Argentineans hard in the first set before eventually succumbing 11:7 in their best single effort so far in the tournament. Despite this improved competitiveness however, the experienced Argentinean team put the foot to the throat in the second and deciding set, quickly finishing off the Aussies 11:2 for a 2:0 result (11:7, 11:2).

Next up was the powerful Brazilian outfit – not only the hosts of these World Championships, but also one of the hot favourites for the title. It certainly showed, with the Aussies clearly outclassed early and swept aside 2:0 (11:2, 11:1). That said however, the Australians displayed some improved skills and more effective organisation than the day prior, showing that they had learned from the earlier experiences.

The final battle was against a plucky & rampaging Chile team, one who had caused an upset earlier in the day by knocking off fistballing powerhouse Austria in a thrilling straight sets victory (15:14, 11:9). Clearly determined to continue their momentum in the tournament, they too thoroughly outplayed the inexperienced Aussie team, quickly dispatching of the Possums in two quick sets to win 2:0 (11:3, 11:0).

Other than the triumphant Chile result over Austria, the rest of the results went as expected – Germany and Brazil won their remaining games, and Switzerland did enough to ensure themselves a place in the semi-finals. With their victory of Austria, Chile booked themselves a place in the semi-finals for the first time in their fistballing history – a monumentous effort. As for Austria, Argentina and Australia – the three A teams will be forced to battle it out for the 5-7 positions tomorrow, with Australia matching up against both teams early in the afternoon. Despite the clean sweep of the Aussies on day 3, spirits with high in the team, particularly with the buzz continuing from their effort to steal 9 points from Argentina, and will be looking forward to matching fists with them once again in what will likely be the final day of competition for our Aussie girls.

Fist on, Possums!