WTF is Fistball?

Yes, Fistball is a real sport. Not some namby pamby thing made up by university students neglecting their studies, an actual real sport. In fact, Fistball is older than pretty much every other sport you can think of. Fistball was invented before Christmas. Fistball was being played when Goths were people that used Roman heads as decorations, not those that hang around bus stations in matching trench coats and poor hygiene. Fistball is probably the reason we humans evolved to have fists.

Aesthetically and strategically, the sports shares many similar characteristics to volleyball, with some fundamental differences:

  • There are 5 players per team on the court
  • It is generally played on grass
  • The court is larger (50m x 20m)
  • The ball can bounce once between each of the three hits
  • The ball must be struck with the fist or arm (no open hand)
  • The ball is heavier and harder
  • The ribbon (a thin net) is 200cm (78 inches) off the ground

Fistball is played by many European countries and is popular in South America and Southern African countries. It is at the World Games and has a World Championships of it’s own. The Fistball Federation of Australia was set up in 2012 with one primary mission objective – for the illustrious green and gold to take this ancient sport to it’s European stronghold and fairly fist it to them.

Rules for the sport can be found here, and a detailed Wikipedia article on fistball can be found here.

The International Fistball Association (IFA) oversees fistball across the rest of the world.

If you’re after some good fist-action on YouTube (all SFW), then check these ones out for a start:

For a quick overview of the history of fistball, both internationally and in Australia, please see the History page.